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About The Product

PLR Massive Bundle is a collection of high quality evergreen eBook Products with 100% unrestricted private label rights to resell and profit from effortlessly.

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Your customers don't want to spend all day doing tasks that don't produce noticeable result. They rather spend their precious time growing their business doing the most profitable tasks that brings abut the best results.

They want to spend their time just promoting product and not creating it... getting traffic and not busy doing research... making sales and not busy creating websites.

They are looking for high quality content to keep their subscriber base, customers and website visitors actively engaged.

Just one professionally written eBook will cost them around $50... and that's perhaps from a generous content writer. But your customers aren't ready to shell out $50 for just an eBook... and they are not willing to put in the time and effort... not to mention hours of editing and proof reading.

And that's why we are filling that gap by giving them access to over 60+ high quality and evergreen eBook products with unrestricted rights so they can profit with effortlessly.

Its actually a no brainer deal.

This PLR Massive Bundle is jam packed with hot topics people WANT... information that they will happily pay for.

PLR Massive Bundle Funnel

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Inside the front end, your customers will get done for them products in evergreen niches that they can start using right away to boost their conversions and putting them in profit.

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Inside this upgrade, your customers will get instant access to professionally written and profit pulling 'done for you' autoresponder campaigns for their subscribers, customers and more. These are ALL completely pre-written from scratch by a pro copywriter... we have used this over and over again each time we get new subscribers into our business.

OTO 2 - Advanced PLR Masterclass: $97 at 70%

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14 Week Advance Masterclass that walks your customers through the entire process of editing, rebranding, setting up and Maximizing from their PLR Products... and build their empire faster than ever.... plus access to our exclusive interactive community

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The products are grouped into 'read-to-go' packages which makes this really easy for customers to pick and mix - no matter what niche that they want to read about and learn from. Thanks so much - you always provide good value for money and this is no exception. - Colin Imeson (CIS Marketing Group & Oakleaf Publishers)

As usual, you've over delivered again. Thanks, it's a great bundle for the cost, and will give me lots of quality products to promote to my list. Many of the products relate to my website and finding reports to promote in this niche are hard to find. Now I have a great collection of items to sell and upsell. - John Witherspoon

One of the biggest PLR collections I have seen! There's a wealth of knowledge in these books, the challenge will be do you read before you sell? You can guarantee that there's several real nuggets in each book, and you'd be foolish not to but to invest in your self, let alone your business. Covey is in there, and so are Tony Robbins' messages. Why learn from a Giant when you can become a Titan by learning from a Titan! - Derek Atkinson

I am just starting out, but seems easy to use! I used my paypal to protect my purchase and monitor my payments. The materials are great and I can wait to get my hands on it. I am particularly interested in the marketing section. Wish everyone the very best of luck and good hunting for those buyers and affiliates. - Karl Coffield

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