Step By Step Free eCover Creation Video

PLR Limited to the First 25 Buyers

Now you can show your audience how to create easy eCovers for FREE! - with this expert training videos well researched for you

Note: Once 25 Are Sold, the Product Will Show as Unavailable at Checkout!

Most times, products are launched with unlimited buyer ability. but we decided to launch a special offer called Step-By-Step Free eCover Creation Video and limit it to only 25 buyers who get the private label rights.

One of the best things about PLR is that it's completely done for you and you can use it any way you like. But some people having the same content owned by hundreds and thousands of people.

The fact that only 24 other people besides yourself will own this narrows down the competition significantly, and you can decide to serve your audience just minutes from now!

This video walks your audience step by step on how to create a professional eCover design for your business or for other people. these training videos are from experts skilled in creating eCover designs

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Introducing a Brand New Training with Lots of Profit & List Building Potential

Here's what you get on the inside:

You get 5 video series not up to 30minutes per video. They cover steps on how to:

  • Get Stock Images for free Commercial Use
  • Create a simple 2D or flat eCover design
  • Turn your flat or 2D design into a 3D Cover
  • How to profit maximally selling eCover designs
  • Strategic places to find clients ready to pay you for your eCover designs
  • Plus... my 8yrs high converting pitch templates

Here Are Samples of Our eCover Design

Quick Reminder!!!

This product is OPEN to the first 25 buyers.

In other words, it is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Normally, people charge a lot more for video training like this that also includes private label rights. But then, it becomes ten times more valuable because we are limiting access to just a few people and I didn't want to price anyone out of ownership.

So what I did is simply increase it to $2 per video and threw in the plr rights for free. So you get everything for just $10 and be one of only 25 smart marketers who own the rights to it!

One More Thing...

I want to throw in an exclusive bonus worth $27 from a six figure marketer - ONLY to the first 25 buyers

It's a Step-By-Step Free eCover Creation Report that shows your audience the basics of creating an eCover for their eBook using a free tool online. It also helps them decide when and if they need to level up to outsourcing or paid versions of tools.

This 6-page, 2,636 word report covers interesting topics and comes in both Word and TXT formats.

You also get full Private Label Rights.

Let's Recap...

You are getting access to top rated practical eCover creation video series with private label rights so you can show your audience how to create easy eCovers designs

I will also show you how to find loads of high paying clients ready to pay you for your service (if you intend to offer your new skill as a service) - also comes with our evergreen pitch templates.

That's not all...

You also get full license rights to this package.

And on top of that... you also get an exclusive bonus worth $27.

But remember

This offer will only be available to the first 25 buyers.

Once the product is sold out, I can't sell one more copy to anyone else.

I keep to my words

So hurry and go grab your copy now

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~ John

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