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A Proven, Guaranteed and Easy Way to Make Money Online and NEVER Go Broke AGAIN!... - and you don't necessarily have to worry about spending a dime.

What is This All About?

"Get Cash on Demand" is a SIMPLE, PROVEN AND GUARANTEED method that anyone can start using right away to make money on demand once you set it up.

This method has been tested times after times.

Its a very simple and profitable method if you want to grow your business, gain massive followership, sell your own products, get sales on affiliate products and get traffic to your offers.... and most importantly... make money!

I used this same result over the weekend... and here is my proof!

And that's just payment result made online... not to even mention those who paid via transfer.

You see... I didn't originate this method.

I first discovered a guy use this method and at the end of his promotions, he made over N90,000,000 in just two weeks of selling out his offers.

I also noticed a young lady who used this same method to raise cash with only less than N2,000 left on her after her service year. And she multiplied that amount to over two million naira in less than 30 days.

One thing I noticed is... its very easy to do... (you don’t need any special skills to do this)

After seeing people using this method make real legitimate money, I finally decided to give it a try.

So... I tried it Out... By taking action

I already watched how these guys did it and I've already spent weeks to document their steps... I knew it was time to go do it myself.

I suspended every other program I was doing.

It was so serious that I had to abandon my blog at TechPrePro that was even giving me little cash from AdSense every month.

Even an importation seminar I had already scheduled to attend in Ikeja hosted by Patrick Ogidi had to be cancelled.

to be frank.... I was just determined to join the millions


After a month of learning this method, and copying people using this same method, I began to see things clearer because it was actually making sense even though the cash wasn't really flowing.

After identifying the right time to use this method,

I never wasted time.

I just did a little sample to test it out... and it turn out GOLDMINE!

I never knew this thing really works like this..

No stress at all.

Just take time to set up your own system and it becomes a bank source.

That's how my story began to change.

Just the first time, I did it... I realized it was a very very PERFECT WAY TO GET CASH ON DEMAND.

Just on my first trial.... I made a whooping ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND NAIRA.

... even the Google AdSense that was paying small small was just wasting my time and effort because I could spend as much as five good hours to publish a new article.

And sometimes, it could take a whole night till day break because each of my content must be well optimized and it must exceed 3,000 words.

I began to think

... if I had just been using this system for the past two years now... at least I won't be running after all those shiny stuffs online.

What even sweetened me was how the online payments were coming in... and new email was just sliding in from Paystack... "Payment Receipt from...."

But it really pained me that most Nigerians still don't know how to use online payment. And that was where the bulk amount of money came in from.

Let me show you real proof of the online payment... (I also showed you a video recording of me logging in live to my account)

This tiny money then was a very BIG MONEY for me then ooo.

Because it was just like a surprise how it worked even though I knew it would definitely make money from this method.

Since I've been doing online business for long... I thought I should try it on affiliate marketing.

Because that's where the REAL MONEY IS.

So I GAVE IT A TRY with the trending affiliates platforms.

I already had accounts with JVZoo and Warrior+ but no money inside for years.

So I tried it out around May... first with some products on JVZoo

Like magic. The result came in.

I was just too overwhelmed that I couldn't believe it really works. I couldn't hide my new success to myself than to share it on Facebook.

I was so happy with that sale because I've been on JVZoo for more than three years without getting a SINGLE sale.

I needed to confirm if this method actually works for any other model

So I switched over to Warrior+ to see if this method will work again.

Lo and behold...

The result was a little bit better

The method just wouldn't stop giving me better results...

Well you might not understand the meaning of those red numbers except you've been there before.

Not hitting at you tho... just saying the FACT!

So... I decided to focus more on Warrior+ and the result was coming almost EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The experience was so exciting and it was more like fun.

BUT the most important reason why I so much love this METHOD is simply because... you can use it to get cash when you need it.

And that was why I Intentionally called this offer "Cash on Demand". because once you master it, it will be very very very difficult for you to go BROKE!- AND IT WORKS FOR ANY KIND OF BUSINESS MODEL.

even if you just want to start from afresh without anything to offer.

And anyone can do this- it is NOT BY BOOK at all.

Just learn it

Take action

...and you'll start seeing result.

A friend even shocked me!

I thought I had known it all until someone even surprised me and it really really humbled me.

A guy made over over $1,000 in just one night using this same method.


In just ONE NIGHT!

But you know what even surprised me most?

He did not spend a single kobo to make that money.

And it was still this same method that I have already mastered that made me too over N150,000 on my first attempt.

I took time to study how he did it.

Then I came to conclusion that there was actually nothing special in how he did it. It was still the same carbon copy of what the method is all about.

He was just being SMART on how he executed it!

And I revealed everything for you inside the offer. "Get Cash on Demand" package.

I was able to confirm his earnings of that $1,000 when he shared his result in the same place we secretly get special tips to up our game...(we are currently the only two Nigerians always been recognized in that special club)

And I revealed how you too can join us there inside this offer- COMPLETELY FREE!

The kind of info and mentor-ship is just too priceless.

I was already making this report together... so I said it would be nice to add his own perfect plan... on how he did it... so you can copy him in - to - to and get QUICK RESULT!

I reached out to him to let him know because he was already a friend and we were conversing already and it was very easy to get his reply... unlike the other bigger millionaires.

See what he had to say when I requested to share his success in my offer.

If you check the date on the image very well... you'll see that has been over 30 days.

So I asked him if I could know more about his method and if he could allow me share it out because I was making a report based on this strategy but his own was just unique for three reasons.

  1. He never spent a kobo on advertising
  2. He made over N350,000 in one night
  3. He did not even create ANY PRODUCT!

And that's why I went the extra mile to document EVERY SINGLE STEPS this smart Nigerians actually did to earn that huge staggering amount.

You see.. I reached out to these people and I could get reply from just one person.


But I'm handing over everything to you on a platter of gold.. not minding all the stress and struggles I've gone through all the way.

The truth is...

I even see few people do this... and they are the professional guys... and that's just what gives them an edge and you see them as BOSSES.

Its only them that do know how juicy this method is... and they can easily continue making money with it over and over again like I'm currently doing.

if you start using this method, you'll already be building a real online business overtime because this method will get tons of traffic & help you make money fast.

To be sincere with you, ANYBODY CAN LEARN AND START USING IT RIGHT AWAY!- with this method!

And I've stocked every single thing you need to make at least your first 50k, 100k, 200k or as much as you desire.

It's completely detailed and very comprehensive with my own results and I also shared every other persons result too... so you can never never get lost.

Inside "The Cash On Demand" Offer, You'll Get...

-50 minutes plus recorded step by step video session

  • Recorded for PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO DO NOT BELIEVE in screenshots! (it was cut down into smaller segments so it's easier to follow!)- and to show you EVERYTHING LIVE...

- Cheatsheet to make sure you don't miss any steps

-Illustrative PDF Guide so you have clear direction and templates to copy:

  • Same step by step my friend used to make over  ₦350, 000 in just one night without spending a dime.
  • Same blueprint a guy (my mentor) used to bank over 90,000,000 in just 14 days- with huge investment on advertising
  • Complete procedure a Corper used to raise over 2,000,000 with just less than ₦2,000 on her after her service year.- spendiing little cash on promotion
  • and most importantly, my own personal case study how I used this method without spending a kobo to make my first 200,000 when I first started in February till date...(just as you've seen earlier)

Its a loaded package you shouldn't miss out!

Because I showed you everything with NOTHING held back -(so you can quick-start!)

So, do you need an email list or Budget to get started?

No! Not at all.

I want you to start LEAN!

So you don't need a list, and you definitely don't have to invest a dime in paid ads. But if you want massive returns like some people did, then you need a tiny or huge budget on ads.- it's simply u to you!

But you don't have to spend a kobo. Cos I never did.

And... once your concept is proven, you can go out there and market more actively feeling like a pro - but my goal is to help you get your next cash - without worrying about spending a kobo.

That means, if you are dead broke right now, this guide will get you cash within a very very short time.- and certainly help you build a guarantee way to keep making money online over and over again.

No need for a website

No need for list building

No squeeze pages

No networking or mlm

It is 100% stress free and you'll love it - ONLY IF YOU CAN JUST CHECK IT OUT!

So.. How quickly can I see results?

Well, I think I should be the one to ask you..

How quickly can you take action?

I expect I'll have people generating their FIRST revenue within 15 days of going through this revealing and easily to follow offer.

But it all comes down to TAKING ACTION!

Besides, I can give you all the tools you need to get there.

Just as Some People ASKED for this

so you also have them as added bonus...once you secure a copy of Cash On Demand now


Book Cover Designs

This bonus is a 25 minutes video.

I showed you how to create different kinds of covers from eBooks, hard books CD and DVD covers.... just any kind of branding.

You know I don't need to talk much since you can see good samples on this page.

FAST ACTION BONUS 2: Fiverr Customer Base

This bonus is a 15 minutes video.

I showed you where I get my Fiverr clients. Simply put... this is where I go to when orders aren't forth coming on Fiverr.

I even showed how I make $50 over and over again just designing an ordinary book cover from one of my client.

If you still believe in gig ranking, then you need to change your mentality and realize that you just have to go out of Fiverr to pitch your clients. - And I reveal where all of them are.. and even ready to hire you right away.

FAST ACTION BONUS 3: Fiverr Pitch Template

Let's face it... you don't just see a juicy client having a bad run with his business and then you just jump at them to tell him or her that you are the perfect fit for the job.

Don't ever do that AGAIN!

There is always a price to pay before you win a client. And there's a way to go around it with ease.

Inside this report, I revealed a perfect templates you can always edit. I even shared some of my sent pitches to client so you can have a steal of it and get hired right away.

I'm giving out this bonuses because some people reached out to me on how to create "Book Cover Designs"... so I also added another video showing how to make money from it. - Lucky You :)

Here's What Our Customers are saying...

You Have To Decide Now…

Do you want to keep struggling with not making passive income online by continuing with your old efforts on shinny offers and jumping on every screenshots that have not yielded any results…


You want to get instant access to Cash On Demand at the cheapest price you'll ever see it available now and never go broke again as well as increasing your account balance in the next 30 days!

Countdown Timer


You will be automatically directed to the download page once your payment is successful

When I show people what I do, I reveal everything! No holding anything back. Trust me and take advantage of this early bird price.

Let me recap what you get when you reserve a spot for Cash On Demand right now:

  1. Cash on demand in PDF and Video

Inside Cash on Demand offer; I revealed:

  • The complete strategy used by a smart Nigerian to make over N90,000,000:00 in just 14days spending huge cash on advertising.
  • I also showed how a young female Corper... made over TWO MILLION NAIRA spending little cash on advertising with just less than N2,000 left on her after her service year - (I contacted her to allow me share her method... but she refused to reply. Ooops!).
  • I also revealed inside this offer how a new friend of mine used the same method to make over $1,000... that's over THREE HUNDRED AND FIFFTY THOUSAND NAIRA WITHOUT spending a dime on Investment.
  • Plus my own complete case study how I earned over N200,000 in Febuary 2018 when I first used it... (don't worry about proof. its all shown live inside the pdf and also video proof).
  • with added bonuses

It's understandable when you have to deal with a strange person especially in an industry full of scams and fake courses.

But... I'm completely UNIQUE- Just as someone once said


I'm intentionally giving you a chance to check it out without any risk on you with my 200% money back guaranteed.

That means... if you get the Cash on Demand offer now for N5,000 only; then you can get N10,000 back within 24 hours if ANY or ALL of the claims on this page are false.

In other words, If after going through this offer, you discover

  • that the people I mentioned did not earn as much as I've claimed
  • I never even tried using the method
  • I never earned a dime with the method
  • ...or you think the method is completely false, over hyped and misleading.

Simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you times two of your money, even before 12pm!- so you don't have to wait till after 30 days.

Like my coach (Papa Muna) will always say...

So it shall never be said that John Annavi Olorire is a BIG TIME SCAMMER.



It will never happen.


With all that said...

There’s really not much more to it. As much as I’d like to make it all fancy -- it’s just a simple method that anyone can use to earn money online over and over again.

This is your chance to FINALLY make money online and start having some of the easiest paydays you’ve ever experienced… 

Nothing beats making cash while doing things you are so passionate about.

Pick this up today while it’s still in the special launch discount pricing ending tonight and before the price goes up again (you won't see this again)…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

Cash on Demand is a very simple, proven and guaranteed way to make passive income online. This is the same method experts use to make huge cash on demand and they rarely go broke.

What do I need to get Started?

Nothing! With just my comprehensive PDF guide, you can easily set up your own platform and even copy the same way people made their way to make huge cash even without spending ONE KOBO.

How do I earn with Cash on Demand?

Very easy! Al you need to do is simply set up your own platform. Since you'll have to give away something before you can get money from people, then you don't have to worry because EVERYTHING is well explained for you inside Cash on Demand.

How long can I start getting result?

I've said this earlier, it depends on how desperate you really want to start getting cash on demand. It tool me just 14 days to earn my first 200k after setting up and growing my own platform..... in fact, one of my student who just got this course made FIFTEEN THOUSAND NAIRA in just days!

What are the things can I really use this Cash on demand for?

Many many things... once you set it up, you can use it to

  • drive massive traffic to any offers you have
  • you can use it to get traffic to your blog
  • you can also use it to get sales for affiliate marketing
  • you can use it to do your own online coaching, training etc...
  • and the thing is... you can even use it to sell your own products or other peoples products.

What are the things I will have to really do to set up my platform?

Trust me, nothing much. And its very simple!

You don't need a website, no need for list building, no need of networking or mlm, you will never have to worry about getting upline or downline, None of those things at all. And you don't have to spend a dime.

And the most interesting thing is.... once you diligently set up your platform, it becomes your forever. And the more you keep growing it, the more and more money you will begin to make.

What if everything you've said is all lies?

Never worry!

Even if all the testimonials on this page is not enough to convince you, then you'll definitely have times two of your money back... if you later discover that people like you are not actually making millions of naira with this same method revealed to you inside cash on demand.

Okay , how can I pay for it now?

Its very very simple... just use any of the links to pay online now. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to Paystack where you make your payment... and if your payment is successful, you will get instant access to your package in less than a minute. No need to even call me.

But let me be frank here. Even though everything is very easy to do fron A to Z... even with the three examples of people that used this same method to earn millions.

I must just tell you that this is not like every other online courses out there. 

It is not for every Dick and Harry.


You must be ready to do the work before the alerts can start coming in day after day.

So, let me ask you, are you going to take this course seriously? If yes, then:

1. You must be ready to take action 

2.. You have to be patient to see results

3.. You need to put in effort to see maximum results

Can you meet the above requirement? 

If yes, then go ahead to make your payment for this course. Its just one of the easiest and guaranteed way to make money online.

"Get Cash on Demand" now for just N5,000 and I will even show you how to claim your money back even WITHOUT MY 200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

John Annavi Olorire

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